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Searching for Spice uses our chilli sauce in Vegetarian Lentil Chilli recipe

Vegan chilli

lentil chilli

Chilli sauce with a Vegetarian Lentil Chilli by searching for spice

Chilli sauce goes well with vegetarian meals. You can buy our hot chilli sauce by clicking this link. Food Bloggers have changed the face of the worlds home cooking. Unlike professional chefs the food blogger is some one you can relate to, has a family, works hard and the recipes are the sort of thing anyone can try at home.  One of the best known food bloggers in Britain is Corina Blum with her food blog “Searching for Spice” LINK TO BLOG. As Corina says she is a busy mum so sticks to tasty recipes she can prepare quickly for her family. She loves spicy food and her recipes feature tasty hot food from Mexico, India, Thailand  and China. In her own words:-

“I love using spices and discovering new ones and that’s how the blog’s name came about.   A lot of the dishes are inspired by dishes from around the world – Some of my favourite recipes are curries, stir fries and spicy salads.   I love Indian, Mexican, North African, Thai and Chinese food.

Naturally many of the recipes use herbs and spices, although I do make all kinds of dishes.   Initially there were very few sweet recipes but over the last 2 years, I have become more interested in baking, especially since my daughter (Little Miss Spice, born April 2012) has started to enjoy helping me out in the kitchen.  Master Spice (born April 2014) is also keeping me very busy”.

We sent Corina at searching for spice a sample of Ooft! and she has used our sauce in a classic vegetarian Chilli dish using lentils instead of meat. It sounds wonderful and here at Ooft! central we can’t wait to try it as we love lentils. The recipe is on searching for spice at LINK TO RECIPE

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