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    Extreme Hot Sauce using Carolina Reaper – Dangerously Hot

    Extreme hot sauces - Carolina Reaper

    Extreme Hot Sauces Extreme hot sauce are we going too far? In a report on the BBC in April a man ate a Carolina Reaper pepper and ended up in hospital with a massive migraine. Doctors seem to think the pepper constricted the blood to his brain. LINK to story on BBC. How did we […]

    Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce – what is a bonnet?

      Scotch Bonnet We make scotch bonnet hot sauce. You can buy a bottle by clicking this link.  A lot of people like the flavour but have you wondered where the name comes from? The Scotch Bonnet supposedly comes from the Tam O Shanter. But I wonder whether a Scottish woman in the Caribbean, or […]