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Hot Sauce recipe – Making Ooft! – Part One

hot sauce recipe


bad pepper
Fungus attacking pepper
part of the process

Hot sauce recipe – Making Ooft!

Hot sauce recipe – When we make Ooft! part of the process is checking each individual pepper for quality. So in the picture above carefully hand washed peppers are being checked, topped, and chopped ready for “long term aging”. The centre of the image shows the tops, sometimes they pull off but often have to be cut off. On the left is the good chopped and checked peppers. The top picture shows one of the problems we get, peppers are susceptible to attack and that’s why we hand check each one. We get our peppers from an importer in 3kg boxes which contain over 1000 peppers each so as you can work out this is a time consuming process. Our peppers come from the Caribbean the finest quality we can buy. But we believe its essential to start off right with clean peppers that have been rigorously checked inside and out.

As far as we know we are the ONLY hot sauce maker that does this. Imagine what is going into other sauces as they just blend it all up bad and good and bottle it!. Buy our sauce now using THIS LINK