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Best Hot Sauce Brands – which is best?

hot sauce brands
hot sauces
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Best Hot Sauce Brands – history

Tabasco – The oldest known of best hot sauce brands is Tabasco who started making their own in 1868. Tabasco is also the most sold world wide. Tabasco is unique in that the liquid in the bottle is just that, strained liquid by product of aging the peppers in barrels.

Franks Red Hot claims to have started in 1920 in Detroit USA, but they really became well known much later in 1964 when they covered the first buffalo wings (or at least thats how the legend has it). We like our own buffalo wings see recipe at LINK

Pickapeppa – Started in 1920 in Jamaica and still around although if you taste it you will find its more like Worcester sauce and has little heat.

Crystal Hot Sauce – almost unknown outside Louisiana this sauce started in 1923 and is still going strong. The legend has it that the owner was going to open a syrup shop and found the recipe in a drawer from the previous tenant.

Hotter than the rest

Just because we don’t like extreme heat we thought we would cover this subject as well for those looking for pain! The ones listed below cover the worlds hottest, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost.

Hot Headz make a Trinidad Scorpion based sauce that’s pretty hot by anyone standards

The Chilli Mash company make a Carolina reaper sauce they claim is the hottest

Daves Gourmet makes a ghost pepper sauce that should give you the pain.