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Caribbean Fish Soup – smooth rich and tasty

Fish broth

caribbean fish soup
Fish head simmering

Caribbean Fish Soup

There are many seafood soups in the Caribbean ranging from broths to chowders and stews. This recipe is from the French Island of Martinique and I suspect was carried by early settlers from Brittany.  many Martinique soups contain local ingredients such as green banana or yams but this version is a smooth soup rich in flavour.  Many people are a bit scared of fish soups, you can tell that as so few are even available canned. . But go to France and eat in one of those tiny bistros near the harbour and rave about the bouillabaisse. This recipe is tried and tested and delivers a rich warm nourishing  broth with a bit of heat. Serve with French bread sliced and rubbed with garlic plus some grated parmesan. The French put that in the bottom and pour soup over but you can also float it after. This makes a satisfying and elegant Caribbean fish soup that can be served as a meal or as a starter.

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