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Catering Ooft!, Mark Hix, and Scottish Chefs Challenge

Ooft! 1 ltr catering

Mark Hix is one of the finest and little known top chefs in Britain. He has built his small group or restaurants slowly and carefully, focussing on the finest and freshest local ingredients. So when Tramshed, one of the most innovative restaurants in the group, contacted Ooft! and said we had been chosen by all the chefs as the future hot sauce for Hix we were knocked out but delighted. At that point Ooft! was a growing retail brand with many faithful individuals who loved our sauce. But rising to the challenge we created a catering Ooft! 1 ltr bottle and suitable packaging.

That was a year ago and it appears that the chefs continue to love Ooft! as we get regular orders.

Now we are reaching out to find Scottish Chefs who are willing to take a chance and try Ooft! in their menus. We are locally made, 100% natural and aged like fine wine.

Mark Hix LINK

Tramshed LINK