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Fried Rice – Tasty Caribbean Style

Fried rice and BBQ
Fried rice and BBQ
Fried rice shown with lovely BBQ

Fried Rice

This is a lovely tasty fried rice, in the Caribbean they modified the Chinese influence with stronger tastier flavours and it shows. The addition of caramelised sugar stewed chicken deepens the taste and makes it more wholesome.

2 Breasts of Chicken cleaned and seasoned. (Chop small and stir in 1 tsp dark soy, 2 tsp light, 1 tbs chopped coriander, 4 cloves garlic chopped and salt and pepper. Leave for an hour or more )

1 cauliflower
1 green peppers
1 red pepper
2 large carrots
1 onion
8 oz rice (long grain is best)

This is  very good as a light diet meal, with a side salad or as a big meal with BBQ as shown above.

Cook rice as normal but drain while still a little undercooked. Leave to dry if possible for an hour or so

All vegetables must be sliced and chopped into small cubes.

Heat 3 tbpns oil in a wok on high heat. and add 1 teaspoon brown sugar. Wait until sugar melts and bubbles and turns dark.

Add seasoned chicken stir and cover. Leave on high heat for 5 minutes. Uncover, and add carrots and onions and covering let cook for further 5 minutes. Uncover and add cauliflower and a sprinkle of salt, and cover for another 3 minutes. Finally add peppers stir, and cover for two minutes. Uncover and add rice and stir vigorously. Add 1 teaspoon of dark soy if you want the rice darker and stir to mix and colour ingredients well. Add 3/4 oz butter and stir in gently. Remove from heat and mix again. This reheats well in the microwave and keeps well.

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Kippers, Caribbean Style, with Ooft! Hot Sauce

fry bake and kippers
Fry bake and kippers
Shows how to stuff the bake with the kipper mixture
Shows how to stuff the bake with the kipper mixture

Kippers, Caribbean style.

Scotland smokes some very tasty kippers. Our fishmonger Clarks in Musselburgh makes their own, but there are famous smokers at Craster down the Northumberland Coast and in Fife.   There is a lot going for kippers, they keep well as they are smoked and can quickly be cooked to provide a nutritious meal.  Kippers are inexpensive in the UK and as an oily fish extremely nutritious. (Each ounce of kippers provide an average of 62 calories, 7 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat and no carbohydrate.).

Most people just grill or poach kippers and eat them with bread and butter. This is a tasty alternative and could even be used as a party snack.

So to the recipe.



2 whole kippers for 4 people

1 onion and one sweet pepper sliced

1tbs oil and a garlic clove

2 chopped tomatoes (can use half a tin)


300gm flour, 1 tsp salt, water



Sliced onion and sweet pepper, slow cooked until soft with a little oil. Throw in 2 tomatoes chopped and cover to simmer down. Add shredded Kippers, cook for 2-3min. season to taste and serve with Ooft! on a soft roll or in this case fried bakes. Open the pocket and put in the mix and add lots of Ooft! ….a scrumptious new way to eat this healthy smoked fish.

Fried Bakes (The bakes are optional as pita bread or Indian naan obtainable from most supermarkets works well, we have even used Scottish breakfast rolls. But if you want the true Caribbean experience try these)

These are very simple to make. Flour salt and water mix to a soft consistency and leave for 20 minutes to settle. Heat a pan of oil to about 160 degrees. Take pieces of dough about the size of a lime and roll out not too thin to about 3 inches. Drop in hot fat and here is the secret. using a metal spoon constantly pour hot oil from the pan over the bake as it rises in the pan until to your surprise it will puff up and then start to brown. Remove with slotted spoon into a bowl with kitchen towel to absorb the oil.


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Caribbean Stewed Salmon and Rice

Caribbean Salmon and Rice
Caribbean Salmon and Rice
Caribbean Stewed Salmon and Rice

Caribbean Stewed Salmon.

Caribbean stewed salmon and rice is a wonderful recipe that uses an every day stand by in a unique way, and is so delicious my sons want it served every week. It is also a 25 minute meal, i.e. the whole meal takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. Tinned salmon will suddenly assume a role of much greater importance once you have tried this delicious recipe. Recipe could also be served with mashed potato or pasta.


1 large tin pink or red salmon
2 fresh tomatoes cut up
half a 400gm tin of tomatoes
1 medium onion chopped
½ sweet pepper sliced
1 garlic clove chopped
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
¼ cup water
1 tspn tomato paste and 1 tsp of sun dried tomato paste
2 tspns salt and 1tspn ground black pepper and1 tspn sugar


Put your rice on to boil. Meanwhile
1. Heat one tablespoon of oil in a wok or pan until hot and add the onion, garlic and peppers and sauté on medium heat until soft. Stir and add fresh chopped tomatoes and cook slow for a minute or two until these soften.
2. Meanwhile open salmon into a bowl and clean off the skin and bones keeping the liquid.
3. Add tinned tomatoes, pepper, salt, sugar, tomato paste, sun dried paste, salmon liquid, and water, then cook covered for 10 minutes.
4. Add salmon and parsley not stirring to much at this point to keep the salmon pieces whole. Taste and adjust seasoning if required. Continue to cook for another 5 minutes for flavours to meld.

Serve with white basmati or jasmine rice, accompanied by
Cucumber sliced and seasoned with salt pepper and lemon juice, plus if you have any some coriander chopped…and of course Ooft! Hot Pepper Sauce


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