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Hot Sauce Facts – Can hot sauce make you ill?

hot sauce facts
hot sauce facts
Ooft! Hot Sauce

Can Chilli’s -make you ill, make your pets ill, make you high? – hot sauce facts

I was looking at Google the other day and did a search on what people ask about pepper sauce. The questions were often unusual but fell into categories I guess so I will have a try at answering the more common ones with hot sauce facts.

Can pepper condiment kill cats or dogs or other pets? – Pets are often more sensitive than humans. A good guideline might be would you give your baby hot sauce? The answer is definitely not. We do not know how different animals sense taste but I suspect its much better than us so what to you might be a lovely warm glow might be for them a frightening burn. Better to be safe and not try this.

Can chilli condiment give you headaches? – An excess of anything is bad. Even seasoned chilli heads taking a spoon of hot sauce can get hiccups, red faced runny nose and feel nauseous. Hot Sauce is a condiment, so would you for example put a tablespoon of Black pepper in your mouth? I doubt it. Can it cause headaches? Maybe if you took enough and didn’t take it with food. used sparingly and wisely hot sauce can do wonders for the taste of food enlivening it and making it richer tasting, just don’t overdo it.

Can chilli Sauce give you stomach ache? – See headaches. Yes I think if you ate it raw without food and you ate enough it might. But please don’t, be sensible eat it sparingly with food.

Can chilli Sauce make you high? – Well that’s never happened to me although when I eat it with food I get a smile on my face. No I do not think so, probably an urban myth

Can Hot Sauce expire – Well yes, in fact most have an expiry date. But we have also found that many hot sauces deteriorate when opened and get a film on the surface and change colour. Best to keep in the fridge. This does not happen with ours, but we have encountered it with some top brands.

Can chilli condiment Blind You? – have you ever heard of police using pepper spray? Well that’s hot sauce in a spray bottle essentially. A strong mix probably but hot sauce none the less. When we manufacture we wear double gloves. our scotch bonnet peppers are 300,000 on Scoville scale and that’s no joke. If you do get it in your eyes by accident wash with clean water immediately. it will sting for a while but I do not think it will blind you.

Can chilli condiment go bad? – see Expire above for detail. yes it can, best kept in fridge.

Can chilli Sauce Kill You – Everyone is different. I have red of people with peanut allergies dying from less than a 1/4 teaspoon of peanut butter. So potentially if your allergic it could cause problems. having said that its NOT an allergen recognised by the EU or FDA and I have never heard of anyone dying from pepper eating. In some cultures people eat the hottest peppers raw. Also its true that you become acclimatised and need more as you become accustomed to the heat. In India they have a competition every year and the winner eats like 3-5kg of raw hot peppers and they do not die from it.

Can chilli improve your sex life? – Some people think anything with heat has some affect on sex. There is no evidence of this. But having said that many people enjoy oysters with a hint of heat and oysters are a reputed aphrodisiac…so…

Does hot sauce go well with…? – We get asked this all the time about such a wide variety of foods. We are often surprised ourselves. One of our customers cannot eat scrambled eggs without Ooft!. The real answer is peppers go well with virtually any dish, sometimes in the dish as with soups and stews and chilli’s, sometimes over the dish, be experimental and try. Let us know we are always looking for unusual pairings and a surprise might be in your post box.

I hope this helps. Any more questions write to us at about hot sauce facts

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