Finest Aged Hot Sauces

    Umami – Daikon, the yummy deliciousness secret

    Daikon best aged hot sauce uk

    Daikon brings Umami Yummy is what its all about with taste. We think aged daikon brings umami and its “yummy deliciousness” to our sauce and that is what brings customers back time and again. We get asked a lot about daikon, so many people do not know this mild giant Japanese radish. We are the […]

    Review of Ooft!

    Nice review of Ooft! done by a customer. Some notes on the review. Daikon or Mooli is a large white radish and brings subtle flavour enhancement and depth to the sauce. Ooft! is aged for 1-3 years before bottling giving a very rich taste. Because it is an AGED artisan product there are flavour differences […]

    Google Plus Recipes

    Lots more recipes on our Google Plus page. Ooft! Caribbean Recipes All our recipes are from our own kitchen and we use them ourselves.   Our older blog which has more recipes with a wider range is Trinidadrecipes

    Kippers, Caribbean Style, with Ooft! Hot Sauce

    Kippers, Caribbean style. Scotland smokes some very tasty kippers. Our fishmonger Clarks in Musselburgh makes their own, but there are famous smokers at Craster down the Northumberland Coast and in Fife.   There is a lot going for kippers, they keep well as they are smoked and can quickly be cooked to provide a nutritious […]

    Mexican Chipotle Wraps

    Slow cooked beef tortilla with ooft! CHipotle

    Mexican Chipotle wraps Mexican chipotle wraps have taken the Uk by storm. They are easy to make, use simple ingredients and are tasty. In an age where its all about quick and easy they work for many hard pressed working people. But if you take a little time you can make these simple foods into […]

    Plantain Fried and served simply

    This is banana big brother and very versatile. In the tropics you see them 10-20ft tall towering over bananas. They are very nutritious and good cooked in several ways. They keep well making them a great cupboard item.  You can find them in some supermarkets (if you live in a culturally diverse area), or Asian […]

    Mango Chow

    Mango Chow great way toi eat this fruit

    Mango Chow Someone is eating mangoes as we see lots in our supermarket. But when we press them lightly we can tell they are almost always overripe. Soft mangoes are not easy to cut, squashy and taste too sweet. Choose firm mangoes even for normal eating, but if you are able to find harder ones […]

    Crab Curry with Dumplings Caribbean

    Crab Curry This crab curry is a must if you visit Tobago. In Trinidad they use land crabs, sold at the roadside by small boys on long poles about 6-8 to a bunch. In the UK we use medium brown crabs. It is essential they are live crabs, hard to get in the UK unless […]

    Caribbean Stewed Salmon and Rice

    Caribbean Salmon and Rice

    Caribbean Stewed Salmon. Caribbean stewed salmon and rice is a wonderful recipe that uses an every day stand by in a unique way, and is so delicious my sons want it served every week. It is also a 25 minute meal, i.e. the whole meal takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. Tinned salmon […]

    Butter Chicken

    butter chicken

    BUTTER CHICKEN RECIPE Our Recipe for Butter chicken. Comment and feedback appreciated. 700 gm raw chicken (used pack 7 chicken thighs with bone) For the Marinade: 1 tsp chilli powder 1 tsp garam masala (Tandoori mix) 1 tsp ginger and garlic finely chopped 250 gr Greek yogurt Salt to taste For the Gravy: 100g butter […]