Finest Aged Hot Sauces

    Chipotle Pork Tortilla

    Chipotle pork tortilla with Ooft! Scotch bonnet and Chipotle Mayo This simple wrap can be put together quickly and tastes delicious. An ideal quick lunch or tasty dinner with a side salad. Serves 3-4 regular tortillas Time: 30min or less INGREDIENTS • 1 pork chop bone in, grilled or pan fried • 1 med tomato […]

    Seafood Biryani Kerala

    seafood biryani

    Seafood Biryani – Kerala Style Ingredients to serve 4: For Rice : Basmati rice : 2 cups Cloves : 4 Cardamom pods : 5 bruised Cinnamon stick : 2inch Bay leaves : 1 Onion : 1 (medium, finely sliced) Salt to taste For Marinating the seafood Prawns : large about 8 Fish: about 500gm white […]

    Ainsley Harriott TV Chef, Author and Calypsonian

    Ainsley Harriott

    Ainsley Harriott. We first became aware of this amazing Chef when we watched his Caribbean cooking show on BBC. So cheerful and so full of energy. His respect for local chefs and cooks who he worked with on all the shows was evident as was his love for life and food. We watched every episode […]

    Award Winning Chipotle

    Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods is one of the prestigious awards in the UK for artisan products. (LINK TO AWARDS) The judging is fierce, but the judges give feedback on the taste. This year our Smoky Chipotle ( LINK TO BUY) was awarded a coveted Star. The star means “Simply Delicious”. […]

    Chipotle Chicken Tortilla

    Chipotle Chicken Wraps

    Chipotle Chicken Tortilla, quick and easy but healthy meal on those busy days. Serves: 4-6 Duration: 20 mins A quick and spicy snack Ingredients: Ooft! Chipotle sauce 2 Limes (zested and juiced) 600g Chicken breast (cut into strips) 8 Flour tortillas 100g Mayonnaise 1 pack Gem lettuce Salt and pepper Tomato salsa 100g coriander (roughly […]

    Curried Chicken and Aubergine

    Curry meal

    CURRIED CHICKEN AND AUBERGINE The sweetness of the aubergine lends itself to this curry in a way you just can’t forget. Aubergines are a healthy addition to many curries; they are high in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, while also being low in calories and salt- but their flavour is what makes this dish. Served […]

    Velvet Crab Curry with dumplings

    Velvet Crabs Since arriving in the Uk we have always made crab and dumplings (a Tobago speciality) with brown crabs. But now we have discovered velvet swimmer crabs we will be using these all the time. They are inexpensive and eco friendly (apparently they breed rapidly and the ocean is full of them). But for […]

    Jamaican Hot Sauce – The Mockingbird Hotel

    Hot Sauce Jamaica

    The Mockingbird Hotel Jamaica – a hotel that knows about hot sauce I love this hotel ( LINK TO HOTEL) because grow their own peppers and make their own sauces and pickles. I always love to hear about places with this level of dedication to hot sauce. Mockingbird Hotel I have no connection with the […]

    Ooft! at Loch Lomond Springfest

    Springfest on Lock Lomond

    Ooft! at Loch Lomond in early April at the Springfest. Ooft! at Loch Lomond, as part of the great culinary adventure. Chef Martin Sweeney was the host of Culinary adventures at the Lock Lomond Springfest in April LINK. This event is attracting increasing numbers of visitors due to its lovely location on the banks of Loch […]

    Bermuda Breakfast – Salt Cod transformed

    Bermuda Breakfast

    Bermuda Breakfast or Brunch   Salted Cod is a very old Scottish tradition dating back to the Vikings. There is a great company in the Shetland Isles making the finest quality salted cod, and I urge you to try and use this truly great food.  Before fridges this kind of food was a staple in […]