Chipotle Hot Sauce 100ml – rich and smoky


We use the finest imported certified Mexican Morita Chillis, roasted garlic, wine vinegar and of course our signature…TIME, to develop this hot smoky sauce.


Chipotle Hot Sauce

Our Chipotle Hot Sauce is a rich smooth aged chipotle hot sauce with a natural smoky heat that just works with so many Mexican wraps, barbecue, and burgers. Think of it as a hot smoky brown sauce and your close. Milder than our scotch bonnet. We use prime Mexican Morita chilli’s and a unique blend of herbs and spices for this special blend.  A 2019 Great taste winner, our sauce was awarded a star for flavour, meaning simply delicious!

Scotland Food and Drink said “turns anything bland into something fun” and “Ooft! indeed, a nice heat without being harsh”

Ingredients: Grade A Imported Mexican Morita chipotle peppers, vinegar, water, Garlic, Sugar, salt, tamarind, cumin, oregano, onion, thyme, tomato puree and TIME

Gluten free, vegan, lactose free, additive free, preservative free, allergen free

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Slow cooked beef tortilla with ooft! chipotle hot sauce
Slow cooked beef tortilla with Ooft!! Chipotle

The Plough Inn Leitholm “Ooft! Chipotle is a winner

Martin Sweeney, Head Chef, Tramshed London “I love the Chipotle

Chipotle Hot Sauce


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