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Hot Sauce in Jamaica – The Mockingbird Hotel

Hot Sauce Jamaica
Hot Sauce Jamaica
Hot sauce in Jamaica at Mockingbird Hotel

The Mockingbird Hotel Jamaica – a hotel that knows about hot sauce

I love this hotel ( LINK TO HOTEL) because grow their own peppers and make their own sauces and pickles. I always love to hear about places with this level of dedication to hot sauce.

Mockingbird Hotel
The Mockingbird Hotel, Jamaica

Mockingbird Hotel

I have no connection with the hotel but I do like the idea that a hotel understands about hot sauces and grows their own peppers and makes their own sauces. This hotel sits in the Blue Mountains overlooking the ocean above Port Antonio on the North Coast and bills itself as an eco hotel and it looks the part.

Its a place I might stay if I ever went to Jamaica. The food is billed as zero miles, i.e, they either grow their own or buy from very local farmers. What a lovely idea. I have always thought food from where you are is better for you, but this idea also encompasses low carbon. A huge truck using dirty diesel didn’t drive 2000 miles to deliver it for you to cook!

Ooft! Hot Sauce
Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

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Blue Mountain Coffee
Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee

The Blue Mountains are the famous home of the worlds finest coffee. The Mockingbird hotel serves the real thing so you can taste it right where its grown. How amazing is that! Coffee that’s is very hard to find although many claim to have it, often its mixed with other coffees as it is so expensive.

Blue Mountain in UK

I looked around the UK coffee scene and found many places selling Blue Mountain coffee. But read the small print as almost all were a hybrid grown in Kenya using “Blue mountain” plants. So basically Kenya coffee with pretension. Whittards seem to be the only place in the UK selling real Blue Mountain Coffee – LINK TO WHITTARDS

Blue Mountains
The famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Jamaica Food

The food is all locally produced. Jamaicans like hot sauce and use it extensively in their cooking and on their plate. Jamaican food is very good once you remove the whole “jerk” story. Go and try curry goat, escoveitch Fish or ackee and saltfish. These are the real treats.

Link to the Hotel website