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Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
Ooft! Aged Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 100ml

Its the only aged hot sauce made in the UK. Our original smooth aged award winning scotch bonnet sauce. We make Ooft! from finest quality Caribbean scotch bonnet peppers in our Scottish artisan workshop and age slowly, time is our signature component. Look on other hot sauce bottles and you will see ingredients such as guar gum, lecithin, coloring’s and other chemicals. The ageing process eliminates the need for chemical additives.

Ooft! Aged Smoky Chipotle Hot Sauce 100ml

During the summer of 2016, barbecues and that smell of smoke encouraged us to create this pure aged sauce. We use the finest imported certified Mexican Morita Chillis, roasted garlic, wine vinegar and of course our signature…TIME, to develop this smoky sauce.


Rated 5 out of 5

Someone gave me a bottle of the habanero sauce and it was a revelation for me. I’ve tried hundreds of hot sauces (Blair’s etc) and usually get bored or taste too much vinegar but yours is the perfect blend.

Scotland Food and Drink Judges
Rated 5 out of 5

Turns anything bland into something fun

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