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Favourite Recipe Posts

This is an index to our five favourite posts so you can find them quickly. All these recipes are tested by us and used every week by our family. If you are unsure about the crab, so were we, but our sons just loved it, its one of those get your fingers messy recipes.  The salmon recipe is a real find in this world of quick food when your tired and hungry, from opening the tin of salmon to plate 30 minutes max.  More recipes can be found on our Google+ pages – link to Google+ pages


Butter Chicken top rated recipe – link to recipe

Caribbean Salmon and Rice
Caribbean Salmon and Rice

Caribbean Salmon and Rice, for those who work late and want a 30 minute meal – link to Caribbean Salmon

Slow cooked beef tortilla with ooft! CHipotle
Slow cooked beef tortilla with Ooft!! Chipotle

The finest Mexican Chipotle Beef Wraps – really – link to Mexican Wraps

Mango Chow great way toi eat this fruit
Mango Chow great way to eat this fruit

Simple recipe for luscious mango snack that kids love – link to Mango Chow

Crab curry with dumplings that will become a family favourite – link to crab curry


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