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Hot Sauce Review of Ooft! Aged Hot Sauce

Clifton Chilli Club


Hot Sauce review - Clifton Chilli Club
Hot Sauce review – Clifton Chilli Club

Hot Sauce review

Great review of Ooft! from the famous and impartial Clifton Chilli Club. REVIEW LINK

Buy Ooft! the sauce being reviewed by clicking this link.


Watch the faces as they taste our hot sauce. Note that they say they would buy this sauce, an acid test for reviews. These guys are brave see how much Ooft! they use. The Clifton Chilli club is the rolls Royce of hot sauce reviews and they have fans all over the world who watch them on Facebook.

Their club web page rightly says “We like to think that we are fully immersed in the world of chilli! We don’t just grow chillies, we cook with them, run eating contests with them, taste them (often to our detriment), review chilli products, go on adventures & more. To find out more, please click the heading of each subject and explore the sub pages.”

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Vegetarian Lentil Chilli recipe with Ooft!

Vegan chilli

Vegan chilli

Chilli sauce with a Vegetarian Lentil Chilli


Chilli sauce goes well with vegetarian meals. You can buy our hot chilli sauce by clicking this link. Food Bloggers have changed the face of the worlds home cooking. Unlike professional chefs the food blogger is some one you can relate to, has a family, works hard and the recipes are the sort of thing anyone can try at home.  One of the best known food bloggers in Britain is Corina Blum with her food blog “Searching for Spice” LINK TO BLOG. As Corina says she is a busy mum so sticks to tasty recipes she can prepare quickly for her family. She loves spicy food and her recipes feature tasty hot food from Mexico, India, Thailand  and China. In her own words:-

“I love using spices and discovering new ones and that’s how the blog’s name came about.   A lot of the dishes are inspired by dishes from around the world – Some of my favourite recipes are curries, stir fries and spicy salads.   I love Indian, Mexican, North African, Thai and Chinese food.

Naturally many of the recipes use herbs and spices, although I do make all kinds of dishes.   Initially there were very few sweet recipes but over the last 2 years, I have become more interested in baking, especially since my daughter (Little Miss Spice, born April 2012) has started to enjoy helping me out in the kitchen.  Master Spice (born April 2014) is also keeping me very busy”.

We sent Corina a sample of Ooft! and she has used our sauce in a classic vegetarian Chilli dish using lentils instead of meat. It sounds wonderful and here at Ooft! central we can’t wait to try it as we love lentils. The recipe is at LINK TO RECIPE

We post our recipes here, on google Plus LINK TO GOOGLE RECIPES and our new blog focussed on using Scottish finest ingredients in novel ways. LINK TO SCOTLAND TRANSFORMED

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Catering Ooft!, Mark Hix, and Scottish Chefs Challenge

Ooft! 1 ltr catering

Mark Hix is one of the finest and little known top chefs in Britain. He has built his small group or restaurants slowly and carefully, focussing on the finest and freshest local ingredients. So when Tramshed, one of the most innovative restaurants in the group, contacted Ooft! and said we had been chosen by all the chefs as the future hot sauce for Hix we were knocked out but delighted. At that point Ooft! was a growing retail brand with many faithful individuals who loved our sauce. But rising to the challenge we created a catering Ooft! 1 ltr bottle and suitable packaging.

That was a year ago and it appears that the chefs continue to love Ooft! as we get regular orders.

Now we are reaching out to find Scottish Chefs who are willing to take a chance and try Ooft! in their menus. We are locally made, 100% natural and aged like fine wine.

Mark Hix LINK

Tramshed LINK

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Hottest Chilli or tastiest? Find out at Amazon

Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce


Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
Ooof! Aged Hot Sauce

Hottest Chilli

Hottest chilli? No but here at Ooft! we make tasty hot sauces you can use very day. We don’t try to be the hottest chilli, we are the tastiest.  We sell through specialty stores and delis all over Scotland and in many parts of England. We also sell online and you can buy our sauce from us direct at this link.

But Amazon is trusted by a lot of people myself included. So we have finally put our hot sauce online with Amazon.

Amazon page for Ooft! Aged Scotch Bonnet at  – LINK

Amazon page for Ooft!  Aged Smoky Chipotle at  – LINK

Although we use PAYPAL on our site and customers can feel totally secure in buying there are a lot of people who already have all their details at Amazon and like the “one click” shopping style. So to make it easier to acquire our award winning aged hot sauce from anywhere in the world via we have finally put Ooft! up as a product. To find it search for ooft.

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Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce – what is a bonnet?


Early 1900's womens Tam
scotch bonnet hot sauce – tam o shanter hats

Scotch Bonnet

We make scotch bonnet hot sauce. You can buy a bottle by clicking this link.  A lot of people like the flavour but have you wondered where the name comes from? The Scotch Bonnet supposedly comes from the Tam O Shanter. But I wonder whether a Scottish woman in the Caribbean, or more likely a soldier.  See the examples and what do you think? Whether a lady from a ship or a soldier passing by, some old market lady, maybe in Jamaica, saw the hat and exclaimed, “that looks just like my peppers” and off we go into the present and the wonderful fragrant  peppers we use exclusively in our Hot Sauce.

I have done a bit of research but the origin seems lost in time. My own view is a soldier, but I must admit the images of ladies hats looks closer.  We have tried so many other peppers and just cannot get the flavour we want from any other. Scotch Bonnet are a cousin or part of the group Habanero an pepper grown in the Caribbean but also in Africa and India. They are high in heat with a Scoville rating of about 250,000.

soldier wearing tam
Old soldier with tam
scotch bonnet hot sauce named after this Modern Tam?
scotch bonnet hot sauce named after this Modern Tam?
Scotch Bonnet hot sauce and peppers
Scotch Bonnet hot sauce and peppers

Early 1900’s womens Tam

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Umami – Daikon, the yummy deliciousness secret

Daikon best aged hot sauce uk
Daikon - the umami in Ooft!
Daikon Japanese radish also called Mooli

Daikon brings Umami

Yummy is what its all about with taste. We think aged daikon brings umami and its “yummy deliciousness” to our sauce and that is what brings customers back time and again.

We get asked a lot about daikon, so many people do not know this mild giant Japanese radish. We are the only hot sauce maker in the Uk to age and to use daikon.  As one fanatic from Iceland said (when he trekked all the way to our door) I’ve finally found the perfect sauce!

Mercola Food facts says about daikon:-

One benefit that you can get  is its ability to improve digestion, thanks to an enzyme called diastase, which helps relieve indigestion, heartburn and may even curb hangovers. 11 Meanwhile, isothiocyanates, which give daikon its peppery and pungent qualities, may help improve blood circulation and prevent clots.

The juice extracted from raw  has been traditionally used to alleviate headaches, fever, swollen gums and hot flashes, as it has anti-inflammatory and cooling effects. 12 Daikon radish also contains high amounts of potassium, vitamin C and phosphorus – nutrients that are essential for good health.

While you may think that the benefits are only attributed to the root, you’ll be surprised to know that the leaves have an impressive nutritional value, too. They’re actually loaded with vitamin A, essential for eye health, and vitamin C – more than the root, actually. They also provide beta-carotene, sodium, iron, phosphorus and calcium. 13

Organic Facts provides a good summary of the health-promoting properties of this food:
Alleviates respiratory issues. It can help clear out excess phlegm and eliminate bacteria and other pathogens from your respiratory tract.
Promotes digestive health.  helps facilitate better digestion of proteins, complex carbs and fats, which in turn prevents constipation and increases nutrient uptake in the gut.

Assists in detoxification. It stimulates urination, which is necessary for keeping the kidneys clean.

Has potential cancer-preventive ability. This vegetable possesses antioxidant phenolic compounds that may help reduce certain types of cancer.
Bolsters your immunity. The vitamin C in daikon stimulates white blood cell production, which may speed up repair and healing in your body.

Alleviates inflammation. The juice’s anti-inflammatory properties can help decrease inflammation throughout your system, which may lead to a healthier heart, lower gout and arthritis risk and reduced pain from injuries and muscle cramping.

Promotes bone and skin health. Its high calcium content may be helpful in preventing osteoporosis. It also has antioxidant benefits, which may help prevent wrinkles, increase circulation and even reduce the appearance of blemishes and age spots, giving your skin a natural glow.

Helps with weight management. Daikon is a low-calorie and low-cholesterol vegetable, but it’s high in fiber and many other nutrients – qualities that are ideal for people who want to maintain a healthy weight.