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    Hot Sauce Review of Ooft! Aged Hot Sauce

    Clifton Chilli Club

      Hot Sauce review Great review of Ooft! from the famous and impartial Clifton Chilli Club. REVIEW LINK Buy Ooft! the sauce being reviewed by clicking this link. LINK TO CLUB WEBSITE Watch the faces as they taste our hot sauce. Note that they say they would buy this sauce, an acid test for reviews. […]

    Vegetarian Lentil Chilli recipe with Ooft!

    Vegan chilli

    Chilli sauce with a Vegetarian Lentil Chilli   Chilli sauce goes well with vegetarian meals. You can buy our hot chilli sauce by clicking this link. Food Bloggers have changed the face of the worlds home cooking. Unlike professional chefs the food blogger is some one you can relate to, has a family, works hard […]

    Catering Ooft!, Mark Hix, and Scottish Chefs Challenge


    Mark Hix is one of the finest and little known top chefs in Britain. He has built his small group or restaurants slowly and carefully, focussing on the finest and freshest local ingredients. So when Tramshed, one of the most innovative restaurants in the group, contacted Ooft! and said we had been chosen by all […]

    Hottest Chilli or tastiest? Find out at Amazon

    Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

      Hottest Chilli Hottest chilli? No but here at Ooft! we make tasty hot sauces you can use very day. We don’t try to be the hottest chilli, we are the tastiest.  We sell through specialty stores and delis all over Scotland and in many parts of England. We also sell online and you can […]

    Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce – what is a bonnet?

      Scotch Bonnet We make scotch bonnet hot sauce. You can buy a bottle by clicking this link.  A lot of people like the flavour but have you wondered where the name comes from? The Scotch Bonnet supposedly comes from the Tam O Shanter. But I wonder whether a Scottish woman in the Caribbean, or […]

    Umami – Daikon, the yummy deliciousness secret

    Daikon best aged hot sauce uk

    Daikon brings Umami Yummy is what its all about with taste. We think aged daikon brings umami and its “yummy deliciousness” to our sauce and that is what brings customers back time and again. We get asked a lot about daikon, so many people do not know this mild giant Japanese radish. We are the […]