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Blackcurrant Rollups

Our blackcurrant bushes are full this year so tried this interesting way to preserve the sunlight.

Blackcurrant Rollups

Try these easy to make and delicious rollups. Works for virtually any fruit. Preserve the goodness from your garden. See recipe below…


750gm blackcurrants 250gm sliced apples. 4 tbsp honey. Cook the apples as for apple sauce separately. Wash blackcurrants but no need to top and tail them as we are going to put them through sieve. Slow cook on stove no water for about 25-30 minutes until fallen. Put through fine sieve and add the apple puree, honey, and try 1/2 tsp Ooft! (optional for adults 🙂 ). Line two fairly large baking trays with greaseproof paper (or lightly oiled foil). Pour half the mixture on each and smooth out. Place in oven at 60 C for about 8 hours for a nice chewy rollup. Cut into strips and rollup. Great for walkers, runners or hikers as they keep well just as they are and taste delicious. Preserves the fresh fruit for months and so tasty your children will love them