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    Ainsley Harriott TV Chef, Author and Calypsonian

    Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriot

    Ainsley Harriott. We first became aware of this amazing Chef when we watched his Caribbean cooking show on BBC. So cheerful and so full of energy. His respect for local chefs and cooks who he worked with on all the shows was evident as was his love for life and food.

    We watched every episode as he also showcased the cooking of each island including Trinidad and Tobago. LINK TO HIS WEBSITE

    Many of his recipes are available at the BBC web site LINK TO RECIPES

    Because of his obvious interest in peppers and hot sauce we sent him our Scotch Bonnet to try and apparently he loved it. Link to BUY

    Ainsley Harriott has been a Calypsonian and toured Europe in the 1990’s but then turned to his cooking talents and became resident Chef on Good Morning TV. His chops include a stint on Red Dwarf! See his amazing ebullience in this vintage calypso on YouTube See link

    His career is amazing having written many best selling books on cooking and food. See link to amazon page

    What an all round man, and what a cheerful up beat presence that dominates the screen on his shows. We are hoping that in 2020 he will be back with more Caribbean favourites