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Where Did the name scotch bonnet come from?


Early 1900's womens Tam

Scotch Bonnet

The Scotch Bonnet supposedly comes from the Tam O Shanter. But I wonder whether a Scottish woman in the Caribbean, or more likely a soldier.  See the examples and what do you think? Whether a lady from a ship or a soldier passing by, some old market lady maybe in Jamaica saw the hat and exclaimed, “that looks just like my peppers” and off we go into the present and the wonderful fragrant  peppers we use exclusively in our Hot Sauce.  I have done a bit of research but the origin seems lost in time. My own view is a soldier, but I must admit the images of ladies hats looks closer.  We have tried so many other peppers and just cannot get the flavour we want from any other.

soldier wearing tam

Old soldier with tam


Modern Tam

Scotch Bonnet peppers

Scotch Bonnet peppers

Early 1900’s womens Tam

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