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Why Ooft!


      Its all about time!

      Its all about time!

      Umami comes from our aged pickled daikon. Ooft! is a small artisan food manufacturing company located in the Scottish Borders.  This is a hot smooth tasty pepper sauce with plenty of umami, which is laid down like fine wine. and takes time to mature. Depending on batch, the color and heat can vary due to the peppers themselves, but the taste is consistent. Ooft! is a vegan product. What makes it special?

      1. Umami – We use daikon a huge white Japanese radish which brings umami. We are the only hot sauce with daikon
      2. Age – We age for 1-3 years in vats before bottling. This unique aging process, we are the only UK hot sauce maker that ages to create a  smooth rich flavour
      3. Pure – Unlike most other hot sauces that put guar gum or other additives we add nothing to Ooft! its pure and tasty

      Daikon or Mooli

      What is Umami?

      Umami has been variously translated from Japanese as yummy, deliciousness or a pleasant savoury taste. See more about this in our blog at Umami

      The man who started it all

      Lancelot Paul (Rudy) DeCoteau – was a man who loved peppers. We dedicate the site to his memory. He grew peppers and he experimented over many years with pepper sauce. His daughters remember him, every day putting out his huge glass jars of sauce to warm in the tropical sun. He tried many recipes and eventually was happy. Its this recipe, handed down, that is the core of our products. Rudy passed away in 2008 but his memory, his recipe, and his love of peppers continue with his daughters.

      Ooft! today

      One of his daughters married an Englishman and they moved to Scotland. They decided to continue the proud tradition, and thus Ooft! hot pepper sauce was born. After all the finest pepper in the world (Scotch Bonnet) was named after the Tam O’Shanter a Scottish hat. We bring the clear waters of Scotland (the same used to make uisge beatha, the water of life, commonly known as Scotch) to the heat of the Caribbean pepper in a unique blend. This is our Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce.

      Our suppliers

      We get all our hot peppers, garlic and daikon from Paul’s Fruit and Veg in Covent garden. Our oils come from Supernature farm nearby who make a top class cold pressed oil that works well with our ingredients. Lovers of Chipotle will know that there has been a ban on imports into the EU due to carcinogens identified in the peppers from a particular wood used in many smokehouse. All our morita peppers are certified as free from this ingredient by

      • Testimonials

        Ooft! tastes spectacularly good. Its hot and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth

        Caroline Wengel, Scotland Food and Drink

      • Testimonials

        This is the best hot sauce I have ever tasted, I wish it was available in the USA.

        Testimonial from MG Long Island

      • Testimonials

        I love hot sauces and try new ones all the time. Ooft! is the best I have ever tasted, its world class

        Testimonial from HR Trinidad

      • Testimonials

        ” A smooth sauce with an initial sweetness on the tongue then a rapidly rising heat. Good depth of flavour with the fruitiness of the Scotch Bonnet following through” 

        Testimonial – Judges Great Taste Awards

      • Testimonials

        I love the Chipotle, and use the scotch bonnet every day!

        Tetsimonial – Martin Sweeney Head Chef Tramshed London

      • Testimonials

        Ooft! Aged Chipotle is a winner!

        Testimonial – The Plough Inn Leitholm

      • Testimonials

        “A lovely, glossy red colour and appealing consistency. There is a good initial sweetness, with some smokey, fruity notes – followed by a building, powerful spice that dominates the flavours”

        Judges Great taste Award about Chipotle

      • Testimonials

        Scotch bonnet sauce is lovely, and  I love the chipotle its great

        Testimonial – Charlie Soole, Head Chef, Hix Oyster Bar, Lyme Regis

      • Testimonials

        “Someone gave me a bottle of the scotch bonnet sauce and it was a revelation for me. I’ve tried hundreds of hot sauces (Blair’s etc) and usually get bored or taste too much vinegar but yours is the perfect blend. I almost emptied the bottle for a single meal.”

        ‎Brynjar M Sonur Hartmanns – Iceland