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hot sauce


“Ooft! hot sauce, aged for 1-3 years in a unique process similar to fine wine. Ooft! is the only hot sauce made in the UK that is aged. We age for 1-3 years depending on flavour and only bottle when its right. Ooft! is the only hot sauce in the UK using aged Daikon radish which we believe adds umami and makes for a rich smooth taste.  We make two sauces, an aged scotch bonnet and an aged chipotle. Chipotle is the smoky Mexican pepper and scotch bonnets are the king of peppers with a unique fruity taste. Try Ooft!, 3 bottles up has free shipping. If your not satisfied let us know why and we will fully refund your purchase. Can’t say fairer than that!”

  • Testimonials

    Ooft! tastes spectacularly good. Its hot and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth

    Caroline Wengel, Scotland Food and Drink

  • Testimonials

    This is the best hot sauce I have ever tasted, I wish it was available in the USA.

    Testimonial from MG Long Island

  • Testimonials

    I love hot sauces and try new ones all the time. Ooft! is the best I have ever tasted, its world class

    Testimonial from HR Trinidad

  • Testimonials

    ” A smooth sauce with an initial sweetness on the tongue then a rapidly rising heat. Good depth of flavour with the fruitiness of the Scotch Bonnet following through” 

    Testimonial – Judges Great Taste Awards

  • Testimonials

    I love the Chipotle, and use the scotch bonnet every day!

    Tetsimonial – Martin Sweeney Head Chef Tramshed London

  • Testimonials

    Ooft! Aged Chipotle is a winner!

    Testimonial – The Plough Inn Leitholm

  • Testimonials

    “A lovely, glossy red colour and appealing consistency. There is a good initial sweetness, with some smokey, fruity notes – followed by a building, powerful spice that dominates the flavours”

    Judges Great taste Award about Chipotle

  • Testimonials

    Scotch bonnet sauce is lovely, and  I love the chipotle its great

    Testimonial – Charlie Soole, Head Chef, Hix Oyster Bar, Lyme Regis

  • Testimonials

    “Someone gave me a bottle of the scotch bonnet sauce and it was a revelation for me. I’ve tried hundreds of hot sauces (Blair’s etc) and usually get bored or taste too much vinegar but yours is the perfect blend. I almost emptied the bottle for a single meal.”

    ‎Brynjar M Sonur Hartmanns – Iceland

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Where Did the name scotch bonnet come from?

  The Scotch Bonnet supposedly comes from the Tam O Shanter. But I wonder whether a Scottish woman in the Caribbean, or more likely a soldier. Wherever, some old market lady saw the hat and exclaimed “that looks just like my peppers” and off we go into the present and the wonderful fragrant scotch bonnet […]

Umami – the yummy deliciousness secret

Yummy is what its all about with taste. We think aged daikon brings umami and its “yummy deliciousness” to our sauce and that is what brings customers back time and again. We get asked a lot about daikon, so many people do not know this mild giant Japanese radish. We are the only hot sauce […]