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Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Our original smooth aged award winning scotch bonnet sauce. We make Ooft! from finest quality Caribbean scotch bonnet peppers in our Scottish artisan workshop and age slowly. Look on other hot sauce bottles and you will see ingredients such as guar gum, lecithin, colorings and other chemicals. The ageing process eliminates the need for chemical additives

Ooft! Scotch Bonnet
Ooft! Chipotle hot sauce

Ooft! Chipotle Hot Sauce

Our latest sauce is a rich smooth aged chipotle with a natural smoky heat that just works with so many Mexican wraps, barbecue, and burgers. Milder than our scotch bonnet. We use prime Mexican morita chilli's and roasted garlic for this special blend. The 2016 Great Taste judges said "A lovely, glossy red colour and appealing consistency. There is a good initial sweetness, with some smokey, fruity notes - followed by a building, powerful spice that dominates the flavours" The Plough Inn Leitholm "Ooft! Chipotle is a winner"

Ooft! Chipotle Hot Sauce 100ml
Ooft! Splash hot sauce


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Our Awards

Quality Foods Award

Quality Foods Award

In 2015 we were commended by Quality food awards, a national award system that recognises top quality in foods

Scotland Food and Drink award

Scotland Food and Drink Award

In 2014 Ooft! was the winner of Scotland Food and Drink awards. These awards were set up to recognise the finest quality and taste in Scottish products

Great Taste Awards

Great Taste Awards

In 2015 Ooft! scotch bonnet hot sauce won a star in the coveted Great taste national awards, from the Guild of Fine Foods. The guild is recognised as the leading source of information on artisan foods in the UK.


" A smooth sauce with an initial sweetness on the tongue then a rapidly rising heat. Good depth of flavour with the fruitiness of the Scotch Bonnet following through"

Judges, Great Taste Award

"I love pepper sauce and this is the best I have ever tasted" HR Trinidad "This is an outstanding product, very tasty"

MG Long Island USA

"Ooft Tastes spectacularly good. Its hot and leaves a fabulous lingering taste in the mouth."

Caroline Wengel Scotland Food and Drink